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Project Description
Xedus is a Peer-to-Peer web server and provides you with the ability to share files, music, and any other media, as well as create robust and dynamic web sites, which can feature database access, file system access, with full .net support.

Powered by a built in server-side, Microsoft C#, scripting language; Xedus boasts the ability to create sites that can rival web applications built on any other enterprise servers like Apache, IIS, Iplanet? With Xedus, you will never need to pay to host your sites again.
Using the peer-to-peer mode, other members of LIVE can access you site by keyword using Internet Explorer even if you do not have a static IP address! You can also access millions of sites on the LIVE network.

With Xedus scripting, you are exposed to the full function set of Microsoft's C# programming language and can even directly embeded C# code in your x-file pages just like ASP or JS. Whether on dail-up, dsl, cable, or corporate LAN, Xedus is your answer.

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